Best Papers

1st Place

Real-Time Learning For THz Radar Mapping And UAV Control

University of Bologna, Italy.
Anna Guerra
Francesco Guidi
Davide Dardari
Petar M. Djuric
2nd place

Heterogeneous Vehicular Platooning With Stable Decentralized Linear Feedback Control

University of Alberta, Canada
Amir Zakerimanesh
Tony Qiu
Mahdi Tavakoli
3rd place

Improving Automated Search For Underwater Threats Using Multistatic Sensor Fields By Incorporating Unconfirmed Track Information

University of Melbourne, Australia
Daniel Angley
Steve Mehrkanoon
Bill Moran
Christopher Gilliam
Sergey Simakov

Best Student Papers

1st Place

An open-source platform for cooperative, semi-autonomous robotic surgery

Queen’s University, Canada
Laura Connolly
Anton Deguet
Kyle Sunderland
Andras Lasso
Tamas Ungi
John F Rudan
Russell H. Taylor
Parvin Mousavi
Gabor Fichtinger
2nd place

Cooperative UWB-Based Localization for Outdoors Positioning and Navigation of UAVs aided by Ground Robots

Univ. of Turku, Finland
Xianjia Yu
Qingqing Li
Jorge Peña Queralta
Jukka Heikkonen
Tomi Westerlund
3rd place

An Open Source Motion Planning Framework for Autonomous Minimally Invasive Surgical Robots

University of Leeds, UK
Aleks Attanasio
Nils Marahrens
Bruno Scaglioni
Pietro Valdastri

Best Reviewers

1st Place

Walter Lucia

Concordia University, Canada
2nd place

Giuseppe Franze

University of Calabria, Italy
3rd place

Hoi-To Wai

The Chinese Universityy of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Best Presentation (Summer School)

1st Place

Trustworthy and Time-Varying Connection Scheduling in a Coupled UAV-aided Cellular Network

Concordia University, Canada
Zohreh Hajiakhondi-Meybodi
2nd place

Stress Detection And Assessment

University of Calgary, Canada
Kenneth Lai
3rd place

Explainable AI Frameworks For Visual Anomaly Detection

University of Waterloo, Canada
Xiaozhuo Yu

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